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October 24 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- State Senator Joyce Elliott released the following statement on French Hill's new campaign video, "Prosper": 

"If French Hill cares about prosperity for everyone, he has a strange way of showing it.  He has a long record of protecting his own interests -- but what about hardworking people who go to work every day -- many to two or more jobs -- but can barely make ends meet?  

"How can French Hill claim to care about prosperity for all when he doesn’t even believe in equal pay for women and doesn’t believe in the very idea of a minimum wage?  I personally know too many folks in my community who are struggling at poverty or near poverty wages to take seriously anyone who doesn’t understand the toll such an existence takes on a person's daily life.  Folks in my community deserve a chance to aspire to a better life, even if they are starting from minimum wage.  Mayor Pat Hays is the only candidate with a real record of helping middle class families prosper by balancing budgets, and improving quality of life and attracting new jobs -- not just looking out for himself and his friends."

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