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October 20 2014

​Talk Business, October 20, 2014 

A new Talk Business poll out this morning shows that Mayor Patrick Henry Hays has moved ahead of his opponent, French Hill, in Arkansas' Second Congressional District -- with Hays leading Hill by a margin of 46% to 41.5%.  In their last poll, Talk Business had registered a 1-point lead for Hill.  The new poll comes just days after the Rothenberg Political Report, a nonpartisan elections forecaster, moved its rating of the Second District race in Mayor Hays' direction. 

From the Talk Business Poll

"A combination of effective positive ads by the Hays campaign and sharp attacks on Hill by Hays...have pushed Hays into the lead...

"The former North Little Rock mayor is the beneficiary of a significant gender gap. He leads among women 50%--38%...

"On the age front, Hays leads with every group under 65 and even among the oldest voters the race is an essential dead heat."

See alsoDem-Gazette: Clinton Headlines At Rallies. “Clinton, who's also a former Arkansas governor and attorney general, said Hays was widely regarded as one of the best mayors in the nation during the last decade of Hays' 24-year tenure as North Little Rock's mayor. Hays helped revitalize the older part of North Little Rock, construct a new baseball park and arena in North Little Rock, lure businesses to North Little Rock and ‘worked with everybody,’ Clinton said, adding that people should tell others that ‘you'd like Congress to work the way North Little Rock worked with Pat Hays as mayor.’” [Democrat-Gazette, 10/20/14]

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