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May 16 2014

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays spoke to the Political Animals Club today in Little Rock about his campaign for Congress and his plans to tackle the deficit and foster economic growth.  He also made firm commitments to do away with special congressional perks.  Throughout his speech, Hays stressed the need to get Congress to work together to solve problems, the way the City of North Little Rock did in his twenty-four years as Mayor.

 "I will be a strong voice for fiscal sanity in Washington," Hays said.  Hays believes that the deficit and debt can be addressed "if we get serious," and proposed a number of ways to better-control spending, such as implementing capping discretionary spending and scrapping ineffective programs.

He took issue with one of his opponents running in next Tuesday's Republican Primary, French Hill, who told David Goins on Capitol View in December, "I don't feel negative about the vibe in Washington."  Hays said, "Let me unequivocally state that I do feel negatively about the vibe in Washington, I'm mad and I'm fed up and so are the American people."

"We'll see who wins the Republican primary in four days, but French Hill says that he'll fit-right-in in Washington... anyone with any common sense and any connection with hard-working everyday Americans knows that what's going on in Washington has been, and continues to be, a disgrace."

Hays took on congressional perks, saying that it was "shameful" that members of Congress took their salaries when the government shut down, and said that if Congress does not pass a budget, congressmen and senators should not be paid a salary.  "Congress should play by the same rules as everyone else--do your job if you want to get a paycheck."

Hays pledged not to misuse the congressional franking privilege to send "campaign-style" mail, and supports a crackdown in Congress.  He said he would not take taxpayer-funded trips overseas, except to United States Military installations.  And, he said that he would not take any special subsidy for his, or his staff's, healthcare.

To conclude his speech, Hays said that the key was jobs.  "We've got to get back to what worked during the Clinton administration--making investments in America and the American people, while seriously managing the federal budget."  He said that he would support investments in infrastructure, job-training programs, and public school improvements and fight to keep college affordable.

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