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October 08 2014

​NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – As French Hill’s campaign continues to falter and the facts about his relationship with corrupt former State Treasurer Martha Shoffner become clear, shadowy out-of-state groups are rushing to prop Hill up by spreading lies and falsehoods about former Mayor Patrick Henry Hays. But Rove’s smears couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, just this week President Bill Clinton praised former Mayor Hays’ fiscally conservative record, stating Mayor Hays “became one of the most highly regarded mayors – not just in Arkansas, but in the United States, because he balanced 24 budgets [and] he cut the size of the government.”

Here are the facts about Patrick Henry Hays’ record as a waste-cutter and a job creator:  

Democrat Gazette: Hays Brought Jobs and Growth to North Little Rock.  “Hays' story is real. He is a nice fellow, an everyman, who cared about his hometown and led it for 24 years during a period of challenge and, in the end, growth and accomplishment. North Little Rock lost population during those 24 years, but then regained it, along with new jobs. In the end, Hays' tenure produced an arena, a baseball park, historic revitalization in the Argenta district and, well, a submarine, just to show a zany side.” [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/18/14]

KARK: Hays Promises Fiscal Conservatism in Congress. “Patrick Henry Hays is promising to bring some fiscal conservatism to Congress. The Democrat running for the 2nd District congressional seat held a news conference at noon today to release his "5 First Steps To Cut Washington’s Wasteful Spending.” Pointing to the example of a million-dollar but stop in Arlington, Virginia, Hays said during his years as mayor of North Little Rock the city built bus stops for 99-percent less money than the federal government did in Virginia.” [KARK, 8/02/14]

Mayor Hays Balanced 24 Budgets. Mayor Hays balanced 24 budgets in North Little Rock. [City of North Little Rock Audited Financial Statements and Budget 1988-2013

Mayor Hays Cut North Little Rock Debt in Half. When Mayor Hays assumed office, total city debt was: $164,455,000. When Mayor Hays left office, the debt still outstanding was: $71,780,000. Mayor Hays cut the debt by 56.3%. [North Little Rock Financial Documents]

“It’s no wonder that shady out-of-state groups led by Karl Rove are flooding Arkansas to try and smear Mayor Hays and prop up French Hill’s flailing campaign: just like his out-of-state billionaire backers, French Hill can’t be trusted to put hardworking Arkansans above his own self-interested politics. Rove and these out-of-state groups want Hill in Washington to push their agenda in Congress at the expense of Arkansas’ families, which is yet another reason that we can’t trust Hill to look out for us,” said Hays Campaign Manager David Furr.

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