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October 13 2014

​It's been a bad week for French Hill's self-interested, out of touch campaign. 

First, Hill turned in a debacle of a debate performance, twisting himself into knots to explain away his extreme opposition to the very concept of a minimum wage.

French Hill's Debate Debacle
French Hill's Debate Debacle

Hill's debate performance was so bad that he "declined to meet with reporters afterward" -- desperately hoping to hide his toxic position on the minimum wage.  

But things only got worse for Hill today.  In the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, columnist John Brummett called Hill out for his hypocritical attacks on Mayor Patrick Henry Hays' strong record of job creation.  As Brummett writes:

“...French Hill benefited from taxpayer money in his personal business success… Hill was not accountable to any voters as he invested millions in your tax money for his bank's private benefit and his eventual personal advantage through the private sale of that bank. Job creation? Hays can credibly contend that, as mayor, he helped bring jobs to his city. After Hill sold his bank, his mortgage-banking staff found work ... elsewhere.” [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/14/14]

"French Hill negotiated a massive payout for himself while his bank workers were forced to find new jobs -- yet he's still against raising the minimum wage for hardworking Arkansans," said Hays Campaign Manager David Furr. "Hill can try to hide his self-interested record from the media and the public all he wants.  But Arkansans know that his politics are out of touch with their values." 

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